LiveCoin Referral Code Earn upto 50% Cashback on fee referral code [Livecoin-W5171vKC] to get upto 50% cashback on referrals transaction fee. is one of the top Crypto trading platform of Russia. You can buy sell bitcoin instantly and any other coin. There are more than 500+ coins listed on Livecoin.

Livecoin is a modern, safe Trading Platform for accessing cryptocurrency exchange markets with very simple interface and low trading fees. Our own API is easy-to-use, supplied with an instructional manual Referral Code

BlockFiApp/web Referral CodeLivecoin-W5171vKC
Refer & EarnWebsite
Signup Bonus$10
Per Referral$20

How To Create Account On Livecoin

  1. First of all goto sigup page of Livecoin from here
  2. Enter username
  3. Enter password
  4. Enter livecoin referral code: [Livecoin-W5171vKC]

Referral Reward Plan of

10% for referrals (applies indefinitely)
 20% reward for referrals for 6 months after each new registration *
 50% reward for referrals for 1 month after each new registration *


If a new customer registers at following your referral link, he becomes your referral. That means that you will earn revenues from all of your referral’s transactions at the Exchange for a defined period of time. Referral fee (reward) is calculated basing on the trading fee that the Exchange collects for transactions. Referral reward is paid-off once a day, at 9 p.m. (UTC).

NOTE: It is prohibited to register a new account at using your own referral link (you cannot “refer yourself”). If we discover any attempts of self-referrals, we will immediately remove all referral rewards from all referred accounts and may hold back previously paid referral revenues from all of your accounts.

You may share your unique referral code with your friends or any other persons. Visitors may enter your referral code manually when they register their account. After entering your unique referral code at sign up, these new customers are identified as your referrals. It means that the new customer may enter website through any other referral link, but if she/he enters manually your referral code at registration, she/he becomes your referral.


Example 1: Supposing the total value of your referral’s executed transactions in one month reached USD $95,000. You selected a 50% referral reward plan. If the fee rate for your referral’s transactions account is 0.16%, which is USD $152.00, then you get USD $76.00 as a referral reward.

Example 2: Now suppose that your referral’s executed transactions amounted to USD $148,000 within one month. You selected a 20% referral reward plan. If the fee rate for that person’s transactions is 0.14%, or USD $207.20, then you get USD $41.44 as a referral reward.

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