Referral ID Code Get $100 On Signup & $5500 on First Trade referral ID code is “GATEBITX” to get $100 on signup and, a $5,500 bonus after successful trades. All crypto exchanges offer some discount on trading fees using referral codes. Previously we have provided binance referral ID and htx referral code. Now we have come up with a referral ID that offers you a commission when you trade on crypto. Whenever you deposit any coin and buy any cryptocurrency you will get a discount on cashback

If you are creating an account via the app then you can enter the account ID in the place of invited by. You can download the app from the Play Store and Apple Store and enter your account ID GATEBITX  in the place of the “invited by ID” option.

Rewards Hub

  1. 100 Credits First-Time Futures Trading The 24-hour cumulative futures trading volume since the task being claimed shall be no less than $500.
  2. Win up to $5,000 in prizes
  3. 100 Credits Startup Subscription Participate in Startup within 5 days after claiming the task.
  4. 100 Credits Bots : Copy or create bots within 3 days after claiming the task, with duration no less than 48 hours and accumulated trading volume no less than $500. Referral Code

Gate referral code: GATEBITX Crypto Exchange inviter id GATEBITX
Refer & Earn Offer
Signup Bonus $100
Per Referral 40%

 How To Create An Account Using Referral Code

Creating an account on exchange is very simple just you have to fill in basic details and verify your email.

  1. First of all, signup to
  2. Enter email
  3. Password
  4. Enter referral id is: GATEBITX
  5. If you are creating an account on the App
  6. Then enter referral code VAQSAF1d in the invite by section
  7. Verify email
  8. Deposit USDT, BTC, ETC, or any other coin
  9. Trade in Any pairs like USDT, BTC, ETH
  10. Get discount and cashback on fee

How To Earn from referral offer

1. Invite friends

Share the referral link or post to your social media or chat group

2. Your friends register & trade

Your friends sign up through your referral link and conduct a trade

3. Earn commission reward

You and your friend share a 40 % commission reward Crypto Exchange Top Features

Copy Trading can help to copy profitable trades of top traders

Hodl and Earn option

Startup in which you can claim free airdrop in the early stage

Mini app in which you can discover trending blockchain apps

Periodic investments like sip

Faqs and Inc of Referral Program Of

1.No cap on how many accounts a referrer can invite. The referrer can get a commission from the referee’s trading fee for 12 months.

2. When a referee conducts a trade-in spot market, a certain percentage of the trading fee generated will become a commission reward.

3. The referral is not considered eligible if the referee and referrer share the same IP or the referrer account is no older than 1 day. will disqualify and cancel any referral benefit if any user is found cheating by making bulk registrations. reserves the right to finally interpret the Referral Program Rules and make changes from time to time.

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