Bilaxy Referral Id Code To Get Upto 80% Discount On Trading Fee

Bilaxy referral id or code is “1581237” which can help you in getting cashback and discount in trading fee. Bilaxy is one of the good crypto exchange which is famous for listing new coins and has potential of going 10x to 1000x. So invest wisely and use bilaxy referral code to get some waiver in trading fee.

Bilaxy Referral Code

Bilaxy referral Id is: 1581237

Bilaxy referral Id 1581237
Bilaxy referral Code 1581237
Refer & Earn Register
Signup Bonus Fee Discount
Per Referral 50%

How To Register On Bilaxy Using Referral Id

  1. First of All Register on Bilaxy
  2. Enter name email and password and verify it using email otp.
  3. Enter Bilaxy referral Code which is “1581237”
  4. Deposit most common pairs USDT/BTC//ETH.
  5. Buy and sell any coins
  6. You will get a discount on the trading fee
  7. You will get many new coins which is still not listed in popular exchange from these coin you can make good money.

Bilaxy Referral offer Details

1. The fee commission will be sent instantly in real-time to your Bilaxy account as your referee completes each trade and will be paid to you in whatever token/cryptocurrency the original fee was paid in.

2. Each referee must be signed up through your Referral Link, QR Code or Referral ID.

3. The commission you receive from the referral program will be as below: 1) Your BIA QTY≥100000, you will enjoy the below commission: A-Level invitee trading fees*40%+B-Level Invitee trading fee*20%+C-Level Invitee trading fee * 10% 2) Your BIA QTY<100000, you will enjoy the proportional commission comparing to the above commission: E.g : If you hold BIA 50000, BIA QTY Ratio: 50000/100000=50%, you will enjoy 50% of the above commission, that is : A-Level invitee trading fees * 20% + B-Level Invitee trading fee * 10% + C-Level Invitee trading fee * 5%.

4. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, although we do reserve the right to adjust or change the referral program rules at any time.

5. Bilaxy will check for duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay out referral bonuses on these accounts. Duplicate or shared finances will result in disqualification.

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