Bitfront Referral Code To Get 20% cashback on Interest

Bitfront referral code is “RFTJEZ” which helps you to get 20% of the interest as a cashback. You can also earn 20% rewards in  LINK (LN) by referring friends using bitfront referral code. BITFRONT is LINE’s global cryptocurrency exchange that trades major tokens and LINE’s blockchain mainnet token, LINK, in USD fiat markets. BITFRONT was previously known as BITBOX, launched in mid-2018.

Earn up to 12.73% annually

Get 12.73% annually as interest every Monday (UTC) by making a deposit to our interest-bearing products. You can make a deposit or withdrawal any time you want.

Bitfront Referral Code

Bitfront Crypto Exchange
Bitfront Referral Code RFTJEZ
Refer & Earn Offer
Signup Bonus 20%
Per Referral 20%

How to Create Account On Bitfront using referral code

  1. Signup to bitfront from here
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. Enter Bitfront referral code:- RFTJEZ
  4. Do Signup
  5. Verify your account by Kyc to deposit and withdraw.

How To Refer and Earn In Bitfront

• Select Referral code > Copy and share with a friend.
• Select Referral link > Copy and share with a friend.
• Select the QR code icon, download or take a screenshot of the QR code, and share it with a friend.
• Share a referral link on your social media account by choosing Share > the social media icon of your choice.
Note: You can share a referral link on LINE, Facebook, or Twitter.

Details about referrals for Bitfront interest-bearing products

  • • Referral rewards will be paid in LINK (LN).
  • • Rewards will be paid out based on the amount of interest your referees receive from their subscribed products within 90 days of signing up.
  • • Interest-bearing products with LINK deposits will not be eligible for this promotion.
  • • Rewards may take up to a week or longer after the interest payment date to be paid out.
  • • You won’t be eligible for rewards if you create a new account with a passport that was previously used for identity verification.
  • • Any reward amounts must be higher than the minimum set by BITFRONT to be paid out.
  • • BITFRONT reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion, including reward rates and other details.
  • • Referral rewards will be paid out based on the amount of interest earned by active referees, which only includes referees who are subscribed to interest-bearing products that are still valid.

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