BitZ Referral Code To Get $500 Signup Bonus Reward

Bitz Referral Code is ” 3746175″ to get upto $500 on signup and get commission on each referral trade. So if you are going to create account on bitz than use my bitz referral code to enjoy rewards.

Founded in 2016, BitZ is one of the world leading digital asset trading exchanges, providing professional digital asset trading and OTC (Over The Counter) services. The operation and technology teams consist of top talents from international digital asset industry as well as diverse professionals from various fields such as finance, social network, gaming, and e-commerce Referral Code Crypto Exchange
Bitz Referral Code 3746175
Refer & Earn Offer
Signup Bonus $500
Per Referral 50%

How to Signup On BitZ using referral code

  1. Go to BitZ Official Site
  2. Your Ca Register your Account either with Phone No. or E-mail .
  3. Verify your register phone n0. or E-mail by filling correct verification code
  4. Enter your Password 2 times
  5. Enter BitZ referral code:- 3744786
  6. Tick on Term and condition

Bitz Referral Offer

  • 1. All users of the platform will automatically become partners as soon as the National Partnership Program goes online. They have the intimate binding of the invitation relationship, the commission of trading fee and other related interests.
  • 2. Definition:A invites B, C and D (Lv.2 Verification needed), then A can get the rebate based on the sum of the commissions of all invitees B, C, and D.
  • 3. There are five levels of partners:namely general partner, junior partner, intermediate partner, senior partner and supreme partner. The level of partners will be updated automatically when the total transaction volume of the invitees reaches the corresponding requirements.
  • 4. The commission earned by the partners will be calculated and returned to the partners, and the coin fo commission is the coin actually collected by the platform. The commission will be counted on the same day and will arrive at 12:00 the next day. All the commissions will be issued to the spot assets.
  • 5. The fees of OTC, Margin, Investment Interest and withdrawal are not involved in commission.
  • 6. BitZ reserves the right to make adjustments to the commission rules in accordance with market changes. Please continue to pay attention to the official announcement.

Bitz Commission Level for referral


The cumulative volume is the total volume of invitees

Commission Ratio
General Partner Cumulative Volume<10,000USDT 20% 10%
Junior Partner 10,000USDT≤Cumulative Volume<5,000,000USDT 25% 10%
Intermediate Partner 5,000,000USDT≤Cumulative Volume<10,000,000USDT 30% 10%
Senior Partner 10,000,000USDT≤Cumulative Volume<50,000,000USDT 35% 10%
Supreme Partner Cumulative Volume≥50,000,000USDT 45% 10%

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