1.All BHEX users are eligible to participate and there is no cap for trading fee rebates.

2.All invites in BHEX will receive 30% of the trading fees rebate from primary invitees and 5% of the trading fees rebate from secondary invitees.

E.g. if User A invites User B,  User B invites User C, and User B generated 100 USDT trading fees and User C generated 200 USDT trading fees.  User A will earn the 30% trading fee rebate from User B (100USDT*30%=30 USDT rebate) and 5% trading fee rebate from User C (200USDT *5% = 10 USDT rebate).

Note: There are no further rebates for User A from User C’s invites.

3.Invitation trading rebate is valid for one calendar year since the registration of invitees.


BHEX Invite & Earn Tnc

1.All rebates are the exact digital assets traded.

2.Rebates will be in the form of point cards if invitees use point card to deduct the trading fees.

3.Daily Settlement

  • Invites: The number of invitations will be updated lively;
  • Computation: The trading fee rebate computation will be done in daily basis;
  • Payment: The trading fee payment will be done by the end of next working day (23:59 UTC+8);

4.All BHEX users registered since 12pm, 3 December 2018 (Singapore time, UTC+8) has auto-participated and the historical rebate will be credited to your BHEX accountby 23:59, 31 January 2019 (Singapore time, UTC+8)

5.Users will not receive any rebate if they violate BHEX’s corresponding risk control rules.

6.If there is any adjustment of the rules, please refer to BHEX official announcement. BHEX reserve the final interpretation right.