How TO Earn from Valr referral

Example 1:  If you signed up to VALR using someone else’s referral code or link but you haven’t referred anyone to VALR yourself, you will be on Level 1 and will benefit from:

  • 10% rebate on your trading fees, up to a total of R1,500.

Example 2:  If you signed up to VALR without using someone else’s referral code, but you referred 5 of your friends, you will be on Level 3 (the highest level) and will benefit from:

  • 15% rebate on your trading fees up to a total of R1,500.
  • 10% reward on the trading fees of all of your friends.

The more friends you refer, the higher your potential rewards.

Tnc of Valr referral offer

In order to benefit from VALR’s referral programme, all your referrals must:

  • Use your referral link to sign-up or enter your unique referral code on the sign-up screen;
  • Sign up and become at least semi-verified by verifying their email address and cell phone number.

Your rebate or reward will be paid in the same currency that the fee is taken in for the underlying trade.